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Errands through Vermont. We’ll take the scenic route

Errands through Vermont. We’ll take the scenic route



Made From Scratch

My mother always told me to take care of myself. After all, she made me from scratch.

I live with my fiance. It has been one full week. I know it’s not saying all that much, but as of now, we are still best friends. I wake up at 7am with him and make him coffee before work. His two co-workers are living with us right now, too. I am having a very good time entertaining, cooking, cleaning. It’s what I was made for, I think. I know there are other things in the world that are more important to some people. Maybe not everyone though. Maybe not me.



At LEASED I have you…

You don’t know this yet, but I am moving out of state. To Hawaii, in fact. And yeah, that’s a big deal! Adam is stationed there starting in June and I am following him there a month later. I am thinking about Hawai’i Pacific University, but we’ll see how it goes. Only problem is this pesky little lease. I signed a lease to live in my sorority house next year and now what with living in tropical paradise instead, I am trying to avoid getting royally screwed and having to pay for an entire year of a room that I’m not even using. Sometimes I wonder how I got here. I joined a FOR-PROFIT organization and expected to not get rung dry. That’s what I get.

Also, it has become my responsibility to purchase Adam and myself our first bed. Hope he’s not heartbroken to go without a waterbed, which is what he slept on at home. What a dork fish.  



If the ring fits…

I am in my bed at my parents’ house, and I am woefully ring-less. Yesterday I took my lustrous tiny hula hoop to get sized down, and they still haven’t called me to pick it up. The whole thing was rather vague. The proprietor of the small business informed me that while the gold smith hadn’t shown up in a few days, they were confident that he’d be back that night—in which case, he would size the ring by moonlight and they would call me this morning to retrieve it. But the phrase “if he shows up,” did not rightly inspire confidence. It seems that for the rest of my life, anyone who is in possession of my ring who isn’t me will have to deal with the wrath of the betrothed.



…So this place is really special to me.



Do you want to make it more special?

I’m Engaged

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012, the love of my life popped the question on top of a mountain on Norwich University Campus in Northfield, Vermont. He called my father, asked for permission, got down on one knee, the whole nine yards.

Needless to say, I’m happy as a clam.

ME - Hey there, yes you! Guess what! I am getting married! That’s right, I tricked a man into marrying me!

YOU - Umm, why that’s lovely—do I know you?

Probably not. But I can tell you a little about myself. I’m Bailey, I am a college student, I am a vegetarian, I have good luck, I am usually the shortest person that anyone knows, and my boyfriend—nay! My fiancé—is usually the tallest person that anyone knows. When we go on dates it looks like he’s kidnapping me. Très cute.

One more thing. I am 19 years old. 20 on April 10th. So if you haven’t found anything to disapprove of yet today, I humbly offer up my engagement as fair game. But I have to tell you, friend, to keep reading. ‘Cause you may gain some faith in our love if you give us a chance.

Adam Loves Me. He loves me so much that he has decided to give me his last name. And he has commissioned me to bear his children, and in return he has promised to love and support me until the end of time. Fair trade, I believe.

We have a mildly unique relationship. Adam goes to Norwich University, which is a military college. He has had a contract with the U.S. Navy since we started dating and in May at graduation he will commission as an officer of the USS Lake Eerie, it’s a CG-70 in Pearl Harbor, HI. Big deal.

I go to school in Michigan, where Adam and I were born and raised. That means we go anywhere from 2-5 months without seeing each other except for on Skype between summers. Always have. People sometimes tell me that they couldn’t have a relationship like that. I tell them it’s easy if you are waiting for the right person. It’s kind of a lie, because it isn’t easy. But guys, this man is so worth the wait that when we reunite after only two months apart I feel undeserving of his presence.

So this is me. My life is good, and soon it’s getting better.